Oatmeal, honey and cinnamon handmade exfoliating soap

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Oatmeal granules are known for their ability to effectively remove dirt, oil and dead skin cells. More importantly it is very gentle on the skin especially when used with honey. Honey is a natural emollient that helps lock moisture and has anti-microbial properties while also being rich in anti-oxidants.

Cinnamon essential Oil along with Vanilla Oil makes this soap smell yummy. But hey no EATING!

INGREDIENTS: Goatmilk Soap base, Colloidal Oats, Honey, Vanilla essential oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil.

Net weight: 80 grams 

**Discontinue if irritation occurs .It is Meant for external use only. Keep out of eyes and open Wounds. All Fleurparc  SavonSoaps are Handmade and individually wrapped with ingredient labels.