Idayapatti Isai - handwoven silk Chinnalampattu

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Stunning cardamom green Chinnalampattu with a contrast shot coloured sea green tasseled pallu. The motifs on the saree and palla are musical instruments in orange. 

Light-weight, lustrous, easy to drape, made entirely from natural fibre (vazhai =banana pattu = silk) and above all, easy on the pocket. These are sarees that entice a first-time wearer to a saree veteran alike. 

5.3 mts length; Doesn't come with blouse.

Chinnalampattu sarees have the distinction of being handwoven using banana fibre (a closely guarded secret we are told) and are famously known as the poor woman's Kanjivaram. Doesn't compromise on the sheen and texture anywhere, and gives it's richer cousin a fierce competition in all departments!