Not your plain jane! 8 blouses you should have for your plain sarees

Posted by Jyothi Sista on

The showers are here! And this monsoon, whether you are a warrior battling the pandemic and other everyday wars at home (hats off to you), or have to be on the field (top hats off to you!) minimalism is in. A perfect drape for those days when you want to this statement making, badass, boss babe; you can’t decide what to wear, or you just want to be.

You can flaunt handwoven beauties in plain, no nonsense, effortless chic style. And what’s more! Pair it up with a different accessory, or a different blouse, t-shirt or top and you have an entirely different outfit. We put together a small list of must have blouses to go with your plain sarees (shop here)

Effortless, demure pastels that remind you of instant poetry! Soft mul cotton, that is very easy to maintain, this one is a lovely companion for all your plains or colour blocked sarees. Add some silver jewellery and you are ready to take on the world.

Sanganeri printed handprinted readymade blouse

Invest in a handpainted Kalamkari blouse. It pairs beautifully with not just the plain sarees, but also makes a royal statement with your Kanjivarams. If you think a handpainted Kalamkari is too-much of an investment, consider a Pedana hand block printed one. They come in pretty motifs and floral deisgns that gives this lovely earthy contrast, that only a Kalamkari can provide.

Handblock printed Kalamkari blouse with elephant motifs

Is that pretty choli lying inside, waiting for some Navratri attention? Give it the attention it deserves, girl! Bring it out! Pair that sequined one with a plain cotton, or that mirror work, kutchi embroidered enchantress with a basic silk-cotton.

Choli with mirror work paired with a rose pink plain handwoven Mangalgiri

Kutch work choli paired with a plain Uppada silk in blush pink

Stylish cut blouse
Feeling cute? Show off that trendy top, or superb cut blouse with a statement design – a big bow? YES! Faux buttons on the side? DEFINITELY YES! Dramatic sleeves? OMG, YES! That stylish cut you can’t stop dreaming about? YES,YES,YES!

Stylishly cut halter neck blouse with piping and pretty appliqué

We are totally digging these sleeve trends – cuffed, flared, flowy, kimono, Bishop! If you want them custom made, click here.

Floral blouse
We admit - We can’t ever get over florals, and secretly hope the floral trend stays forever. Add a graceful pastel opulence, or a free-spirited bohemian vibe to your basic saree that only a floral blouse an provide!

Pretty chanderi floral blouse paired with a contrast sea-green blouse

Level up your plain saree instantly with a schiffli top or a peplum blouse. This is one versatile piece you must definitely have in white. And let us warn you – Schiffli is addictive - you won’t stop at one!

Aqua schiffli blouse paired with a plain black handwoven silk-cotton Mangalgiri

Multi-coloured checks
Gingham checks, Madras checks or Houndstooth – we love them all!
You must see it to believe it – checks and plain, pair like peas in a pod!

Stunning madras checks paired with handwoven silk-cotton mangalgiri

This is one versatile blouse that you won’t regret buying. The chemistry with plain sarees rivals that of monsoons and adrak chai (ginger tea), but it’ll also team up with all your silks!

Embroidered glass chiffon with Parsi needle work paired with a cotton handwoven Mangalgiri

If you want a custom-made blouse, do reach out to us. We will find that perfect pair, in your dream-cut, tailored by our master tailor- exclusively for you!