Yashodhara - Modal silk saree in Ajrakh

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Indigo handblock printed ajrakh on modal silk and jari pallu. Natural dyed, plant based silk, involving a 16 step procedure of dyeing, washing, and hand block printing.

Comes with running blouse.

Ajrakh, is a unique form of blockprinting found mostly in Sindh, Pakistan and Ajrakhpur, Kutch district, India.These shawls display special designs and patterns made using block printing by stamps. Over the years, ajraks have become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions. Ahrakh print is also famous in neighbouring areas of India in the state of Gujarat due to their influence from Indus Valley Civilization in Sindh, Pakistan. Ajrak craft products are made with natural dyes. The entire production of the products include both vegetable dyes and mineral dyes.

Source: Wikipedia