Handwoven with devotion - Sriramanavami Of Panakam, Vadapappu, and Mutyala thalambralu

Posted by DIvya Sista on

Everything in our country is a heartening tale - if you care to listen.
Now, with the 21 days of lock down, we have all the time in the world to pause, slow down, listen, and appreciate - don't we?
So here is a fable - of 6 weeks, 4 weavers and 5 meters, who patiently weave for the celestial wedding of Sri Rama Chandra and Seethamma at Bhadrachalam on the ninth day of Chaitra month of the Telugu calender, celebrated as Sri Rama Navami across the country. Traditionally the king of the land, and the Chief Minister of the state now, carries these handwoven 'pattu vasthrams' or silk clothes, and muthyala thalambralu or pearls for a wedding ritual, over his head and humbly presents them to Lord Rama & his divine consort as a wedding gift.
And I imagine, weavers singing folk songs and hymns in the praise of Lord Rama, as every thread soaks up their devotion, and the shuttle moves in a trance like rhythm to their melodies - the result cannot be anything but breath taking - can it? The master weaver inspects for flaws if any - the lord and the goddess must be presented with nothing less than perfection he says, and examines the length of the fabric which will adorn the divine couple, and smiles at the thought - it surely is perfect. Nothing too loud, a simple, silk dhoti with pure jari bold and thick in the border for Rama, and a bright, cheerful silk saree for Seetha. And yet these garments stand out and shine in their simplicity - there must be something about the hands of the weaver, perhaps? Or in his heart that translates onto it?
Whether Sri Rama Chandra to you was a submissive prince, an obedient son, a protective husband, a loving brother, a devoted friend, or a valliant warrior - Sri Rama is an emotion that morally binds a billion, and unites the country. This embodiment of morality I revere, and to this ardent fervor it is that I bow.
Happy Sri Rama Navami!
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