Peshwai - Narayanpeth sarees

Narayan Peth saree is very popular in and around Sholapur district of Maharashtra. It is a traditional Maharashtrian saree that weaves mainly in this district only. Narayan Peth sarees come silk and cotton fabrics. It is designed with the contrasting zari border, with and a unique silver lined palla. 

History says that in 1630 AD the Maratha King, Chatrapathi Shivani travelled to the Narayanpeth region, where he camped for a while. While he continued his journey, a few weavers stayed behind.

These weavers produced Silk sarees with a distinct style in the border and palla. 

Which is why, we think there is a lot common among sarees from regions with a Maratha influence - Ilkal sarees of North Karnataka, or the Narayanpet (near Gadwal) of Telangana. The subtle similarities in design, and influence, when closely observed can be seen in Paithani and Gadwal sarees too.

Wherever they come from, you'll agree that they are lovely, light, comfortable and easy on the pocket.

These sarees are from our slight detour to Solapur, when we went to attend a wedding in Pune. We love the bold colours and distinct designs. Come, indulge!

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