Once upon a sunset- Khaddi georgette Banaras sari

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Khaddi georgette Banarasi saree in the sunset colours of pink and orange. This is a premium quality 80 gms georgette weave with pure zari.

Comes with a plain orange blouse with border.

The term khaddi denotes handwoven among the weavers of Banaras.

Like many other handloom lovers, I had a huge misconception that georgette was synthetic, and couldn’t be handwoven. Till we actually went to Banaras on a piligrimage cum business trip and saw beauty in action - Georgette is silk yarn that is twisted and is finer, the resultant weave being lighter and with a buttery flow. I instantly understood why this was such a huge hit - it not only drapes like a dream, but stays well, making it super easy to manage.