Kayla - Mubbagam Vanasingaram saree

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Vanasingaram literally translates to “Glory of the forest”.

True to its name, this beautiful mubbagam in deep purple and jewel pink adorns Creepers, ornate paisleys to Peacocks, Deers, Horses, Elephants, and Lions in the turmeric yellow centre, all over the saree. The selvage is in a contrast bright marigold, with mythical yazhis and majestic elephants along the border and Rudrakshas separating the three parts.

Inspired by the Shikargah (Persian word meaning Hunting place) brocade from Banaras, VanaSingaram is a testament to the skill the weavers from Kancheepuram. 

The saree comes with a plain running blouse in the three Mubbagam colours.